Saturday, 20 August 2011

Zurich, Switzerland: To venture out or not to venture out?

We stopped in Zurich to get a new train to Salzberg in Vienna. By this point we were all mega tired, and train prices had meant that we were coping on just one of cup of tea every few hours (hard work). It was debateable how much of Zurich we would push ourselves to see in just half an hour, having consumed so little caffeine...

The station. Which had a giant double decker bus parked inside it for no apparent reason.

Nice bell.

'Shall We?'
- a question posed by old housemate Charlie Mallard in response to all adventure-related suggestions...
Helen: Hey Charlie, shall we bake cakes and then eat them on the doorstep in our pyjamas?"
Charlie: Shall we?

No. Let's just gaze out across this bridge while it's sunny and then get back on the train for a top-up...


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