Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Koblenz, Germany: Just about getting by...

Welcome to Koblenz. I've lost my purse and David's already been given the key to someone else's hotel room *cue brother being frog-marched back out of it again with his backpack still on*

Motorbike and bikes allowed!

But we only have feet.
And there don't seem to be any pavements.


We sort of want to be over there (on the other side of the Rhine).


Here's us walking down a main road in Germany, narrowly escaping death everytime a car drives past...


After about 2 miles of avoiding death by fast car and falling chunks of mountain, we find a bus stop.

But by the looks of this person...

...and this confusing bus timetable...

'NO BUSES EVER' run along this route.

Distracting ourselves from a long wait by acquainting ourselves with a small university village on the side of the road.

Pretty gardens!

Cool trees!

...and big, fat men wearing green pyjamas looking out into the night's sky, on garage doors



Family members fast-walking back towards the bus stop

To see this huge banquet table in the middle of Koblenz...

These cool hand-painted chairs...

A palace!

(We don't know who lived here and we, despite there being forty thousand doors across the front, didn't know how to get in either)

Lots of the places surrounding Koblenz on both sides of the Rhine...

...and a small washing machine shop paying homage to the greatest music magazine on earth.

Kruger :)