Sunday, 5 June 2011

Dublin, Ireland: I put my chalk box in my hand luggage...

I went to Dublin to visit my friend Gillian who started a Fine Art degree there in September. Chalking entertained me whilst she finished off a piece in time for a deadline...

Somewhere near Temple Bar, Dublin...

For my brother David.
But really it's a message for anyone.

My sister Winny told me to leave her name in as many places as possible.

So I wrote it in two very carefully selected places.
(She's big into bicycles)
(She's big into illustration too)

This one is for Rosemary Dey Trenton (Tommy the security guard's sister). We had a deal that if I left her name in a recognisable place in Dublin (like Carlisle Bridge), she would take a photo of herself in New Jersey wearing the 'I Love Barry' bag I gave her.

Still waiting on the bag photo. Lovely scenery over the bridge though...

For David Kipling. 
I walked into Doyle's to ask if I could write on the side of their pub in chalk but the regulars looked a bit grumpy so I walked back out, wrote it and then ran across a really busy road without looking.

According to, Doyle's Pub is no.37 of 87 places to go for nightlife in Dublin.

For Timo Tierney in Liverpool.

Well, we did.

And it was very green.
St Stephens Green, Dublin.

For Hewy. Because when I text her to see if she'd like a message left, she replied saying 'Hewy. That is all'.

Guinness Time.
Because you can't chalk on the side of a glass but it was necessary to drink some whilst in Ireland.

Mission Dublin: complete