Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Lego v Chalk

I've just spotted a video of a printer made of lego, printing out a picture of a pony. It has LEGO PEOPLE working on the top of it.

Can I make this work with chalk?

Watch the video and discuss...

NB - If anyone thinks this is possible, you have my whole bag of crayon-shaped chalks (sorry John and Becky) and the promise of eternal love, devotion and blackboards, to make it work for me.


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Liverpool, UK: I found something cool behind my house...

Liverpool's Festival Gardens...

It was specially commissioned for the International Garden Festival four years before I was born, and was the centrepiece of the city's early regeneration efforts.
While I was dancing around my bedroom in South Wales to The Spice Girls in 1997, it fell into disrepair and was abandoned.
But then, those who loved the area and didn't want them to continue building houses and various other leisure pursuits on the land, set about restoring it again ten years later.
Here it is now (as I found it)...
'Look what I've found!'
A tiny house on a little stand...
...with a cool hut looking out onto a pond!

It's a Japanese garden!

...and it's very beautiful.
And, guess what?

Since I've been here...

 I've grown a bit!
Or not. Nevermind...
Wanna see something that is amazing, though?

I can't believe that this is behind my house!

'If only I was taller'

Just a little bit taller...

I'd be on top of that roof, finishing this blog post in style.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Hello February!


How was your January?

Mine went past rather fast, so I'm starting my chalking posts for 2013 today.

Here's a song (and some slightly altered lyrics) for you to sing while I upload some photos from my trip to Liverpool's Festival Gardens...

I'll count you in, yeah?





"You gotta chalk where you wanna chalk
Chalk what you wanna chalk
With whoever you wanna chalk with
You gotta chalk where you wanna chalk
Do what you wanna do
With whoever you wanna chalk with..."