Saturday, 6 August 2011

Paris, France: Chalk? Mais oui!

I went interrailing with my family and our first destination was Paris. Naturally, I packed my chalk box. I packed it in the same pocket as the insect repellent that I never used...

'Du Louvre'

'Family interrailing'

Some of my family were behind this statue.
Not over the bridge and on the main road. I mean, they were behind me, behind the statue.

The Eiffel Tower.

'Have you heard the rumour?'


Whilst hunting for the Orangerie Museum, we met two artists from Missouri, US called Bill and Anne. They seemed to have shared a similar experience of Paris and Parsians as us, and posed the question above.

 Failing to figure out what "the rumour" actually was, we started looking for familiar faces instead...

'Looking for a short man with a back complaint?' - The River Seine

He's ringing the bells here...

De Notre-Dame de Paris.

(Outside Centre Pompidou)


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