Friday, 29 November 2013

MEDIA CITY, Salford, UK: Art is Everywhere

Hi everyone,

If you're awake right now (like me), you should tune in to BBC 6Music and listen to the first of our special art-themed radio shows 'Art is Everywhere'. Heaps of amazing guests are involved (Jeremy Deller, Pete Fowler, Mira Calix, Will Gompertz), and we have lots of ace music to play, too.

If you're up at this ungodly hour, I do not believe you can be doing anything good.

Plus, I ran over to the tram line in the dark to chalk up this message especially for you...


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Cardiff, Wales: It comes at a price...

On Monday, I visited Morgan Arcades in Cardiff to annoy my big sister Cathryn...

'Guess who's back'

'Back again...'

'Guesswho'sbacktellafriendetc' water this plant immediately.

It's a bin

It's also been ages...

...since I last found

...somewhere good to chalk.

It comes at a price though...

(No, I didn't fall through this floor that that looks like it was made to end the lives of all intrepid explorers)

But right after I took this photo, my foot slid out in front of me, and I nearly dropped my sister's ipad on the floor.



...when I got back to see my sister Win...

(for entertainment, tea, giggles and that kind of thing)


(yes, that's me)

...had been set homework.