Thursday, 1 September 2011

Salzberg and Vienna: Solving the "Vienna Riddle"

My friend's mum told me to write down the number of smiles I got in return for dishing out a few of my own. So I grinned my way all around Paris and I spread a few in Salzberg too. 

Only two people smiled back. 

And I'm not sure I'd even count those as smiles...

On the train from Salzberg I met the first of the smilers. His name was Michael and he seemed to find it amusing that my sister and I were trying to teach each other German phrases for the trip. He worked in advertising and before this, had worked as a DJ at a commericial station in Munich.

After teaching us how to politely ask for a cup of tea, he pulled out a biro and drew a "Vienna Riddle" for us in my diary.

It was now our mission to find each of the places illustrated on the above page...

Got one.
St Stephen's Cathedral, built in 1147.
Church with a crazy roof? Tick.

Then we had a little look through our tourist book for some wheel-shaped attractions.
There were two.

The Wiener Riesenrad
(We opted to find the older of the two which spins around in the oldest fairground in the world. Prater in Vienna opened in 1766.)



We looked small.

 Then we found some cake in the Nascht Market. I don't think it was the one Michael meant for us to find, but it tasted good and had definitely been made in Vienna.

When we returned to the UK, we wrote Michael an e-mail and attached the photos above.

It went a bit like this...


Guten abend!

We're back from our long trip, and here are the answers to the Vienna riddle with photos of proof that we visited each landmark attached... :) Thanks for telling us about these places!

1. St. Stephen's Cathedral - this was amazing! We came out of the subway and it was just right there! No searching necessary...

2. You nearly caught us out here because we found two wheels. But we figured that you meant the older one of the two, which we found in the fairground on our last evening in Vienna... The Wiener Riesenrad

3. CAKE. Did you mean Viennese whirl? We wanted to buy cake all day, but were so busy that we had to run and find some in the Nascht Market (the one you said would be "full of odd crap"). It had almonds on the top and tasted REALLY GOOD. Does this count?

We will send a riddle for you soon. Would you like one for London or Liverpool? Or Manchester?

We used all of the phrases you taught us! I think the people of Vienna were impressed with our accents.

Bis dann!
Helen and Cathryn x"

We are still waiting on the certificate...


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