Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Liverpool, UK: Spring adventures.

You can be forgiven for thinking that I drank so much mulled wine on my Birthday, that I have been lying in my bed hiccping up red bubbles for three months since. But alas, I've simply been waiting for the perfect day to take my chalk box out onto the streets.

And TODAY has been the PERFECT day. The first perfect day of 2012 when I have also been accompanied by a full box of chalk :)

(That message up there means 'hello' in Welsh, by the way)


The perfect day to take a trip to see a buddy.

'En route to my friend's'

'By bus'
(I was running late)

But still taking in the sun, because the bus stop is a little walk away...
THIS way!

Keeping the PARK to my LEFT at all times...

But, WAIT!

It's only something very small, but...

I can smell CHIPS!

Yup! Chips!

The smell of chips is everywhere, and in my distracted state I walk between two bus stops twice, only to find that the one I need is the one furthest away from me.

But it's okay because the walk makes me hungrier, and by the time I get to my friend's house and she mentions eating pasta, salad and other non-chip things, well, I'm just happy to eat ANYTHING.

And, who knows... It may not have been chips I was smelling, but actually old tree trunk or gravel or grass, and all of those things would have ruined my day, had I put any of them into my mouth.


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