Monday, 26 March 2012

Ilkeston - Beeston, UK: The day I chalked and cycled for 22 miles...

On the sunniest weekend of 2012 (it was, people were out washing their cars in the street and everything), I got on a train and travelled to Ilkeston, Derby for an exciting adventure of the East Midlands variety...

'Going on an adventure'
(at 7.20 in the morning)

'With a broken bag'
(That metal savaged my tights before I'd even got to Crewe)

And a broken bike.
(I broke it even more when I wheeled it off the train in Derby)

'Hooray! The broken bike has arrived!'

And so had my brother, with a car for broken Wendy (my bike)

All in!

It was time to visit destination #1: a local hardware shop and 'The Bike Hospital' (aka a local hardware shop followed by my brother and his girlfriend's back garden)

...where we fixed new nuts and bolts onto the front wheel, pumped up the tyres and glued the back reflector back onto the bike.

Checking through the hole in this gate for any obstacles that might cause Wendy to fall apart again before the big adventure...

...and spotting a cat.

Time to head to the canal :)

Not by myself, though!
Meet Andrew and Hannah.

Right after I took this photo of Andrew he said, "just so you know, I usually cycle A LOT faster than this when I go to work in the mornings..."

Found a cool house!

See! That's cool...

Cycled past my brother's work...

Ducked as we cycled underneath a tree full of shoes...

And 7 miles later...

...we stopped for some food.

'My bum hurts'

More broke than my bike ever was...

Celebrating a barge sign so-seemingly made for Hannah...

Arriving at Attenborough Nature Reserve

And then cycling around it...
Miles now cycled: 11

Taking a small break and debuting some orange chalk!

'Sitting on a rock'

Eating icecream...

And then completing the 22 mile-round trip back home again, while Andrew tries to wipe a load of orange chalk off his shorts...


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