Saturday, 24 December 2011

Liverpool, UK: Celebrating a Birthday

 'It's my Birthday!!'


'Icon People'
('ICON' was the student radio station we all presented on back when we were studying at The University of Liverpool)

Alex, Tommy B and Maffus.

This is us not eating food, not drinking tea, and not talking about Mike's previous comment in the Philharmonic Pub about me dressing like a boy in Uni...

Tom taking the opportunity to show me just how much his friend Alex looks like John Lennon...

Me leaning over a balcony at the Kazimier Club in Liverpool with my housemate Mags.

I couldn't chalk here (too many watching eyes) but I did accidentally leave my mark anyway (I saw a nice skirt at the market and, in my excitement, spilt mulled wine all over my coat and all over the*...)

Mmm, mulled wine.


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