Tuesday, 27 September 2011

London, UK: Collecting Boneshaker magazine

'In London to get Boneshaker [magazine]'

I wrote a piece in it about my bike...


Ignoring the situation because I'm busy chalking...

And because I always end up in the right place in the end...
(See above)

Getting a copy of the magazine with my article in, sniffing it with one of the Boneshaker team members and drinking coffee...

(Not allowed to chalk inside the cafe)

Putting my coat back on and finding my way back to the tube...

'No Skateboarding'

'Just cycling'

Going from Liverpool to London, and then back to Liverpool again in a day.

For five issues of Boneshaker, two sets of postcards and a free badge...


Get your copy here: http://www.boneshakermag.com/

No train journeys necessary.

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