Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Aberaeron, Wales, UK: Chalk and chips, please!

So for some strange reason, October is the new July and it's boiling outside. Well, at least it was when I took a trip home to South Wales to meet my family last weekend...

On Friday, mum drove us the long way from Brynna in South Wales to Aberaeron on the West Wales Coast. You been there?

We go every year...

'Day trip to Aberaeron'

Where every house and shop is painted a different colour...

'I love this chip shop'

'There's something about chips in a bag'


'...and views like this'

Where there are bikes, there are people...

And where there are nice houses, there is jealousy...

'My future house'

Sitting on the road.

Sort of.
(not me)



(Grey is great when you're looking at lots of grey pebbles on a nice beach.)


'Yea!' it's great

'Neis iawn'

English: Very nice

The views at Aberaeron are super cool

There's SPACE to run about in, FRESH AIR from the sea...

And chips.

Bottom left hand corner.

This is how we feel when we visit the West Wales Coast...

...until we take a multitude of wrong turns on the way home and arrive in South Wales at midnight.


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