Thursday, 3 September 2015

Chalking with...Richard Hawley!

So, Richard Hawley played live in session for the radio show I work on today (I know!), and he let me sneak him off around the back of the building so that I could chalk with  next to him at the end! YES! *fist punches air*

His music is awesome, and he let me take about 450,000 photos of him for our work website. For these reasons alone, I present you this:

It's a good day when stuff like this happens, right?


(Let's ignore the part where I tried to carry their equipment from the van into our green room and got my tights stuck to their music stand... As I quietly tried to work out how I was going to remove myself from the massive metal frame without tearing my tights apart/anyone else noticing what was happening, the guitarist strolled over, shouted, "I've got it!" and yanked it from my boney little fingers... *cue massive hole in holes at start of shift* yep. Let's ignore that bit.)



  1. Wow Helen I love this! Love Richard Hawley and that your chalking is back - the world needs more of it! xx

    1. Thanks Julia! We should join up for a blog post one week :) Hope to see you soon xx