Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cardiff, UK: Chalking with...a volunteer at Recovery Cymru

This is my sister's way of telling me that she's too busy to entertain me (she stares at the screen, even when talking)
So, I went outside to see if there was anywhere I could be chalking...
This looks familiar.

This looks like... my WARDROBE.

A voice calls out...
"Oh! If you wait a minute, I can be in the photo as well!"
I turn around...

"Are you taking a photo of my car?", the voice calls again.
I turn to see a man in his forties, posing next to that car on the left.

"My name is Andy. Nice to meet you."
I spend around 5 minutes explaining to Andy about why I'm writing on the wall, and not taking photos of his car. He tells me that he's from Canton, is a volunteer at Recovery Cymru, and that after seven years of being addicted to drugs, he has now been clean for eight months (his story is much better).
He shows me his Recovery Cymru arm bands, and tells me that the treatment he has received in Cardiff has been second to none. And then he gets out a notepad, asks me to write out the name of this blog, before walking straight past the car and out through a tunnel and into the street.
"It's fate that we met", he says, as he leaves me standing by the wall, pondering our conversation (and whether or not the car was his at all).
"If you ever meet a single woman who's in her forties, let me know!", he grins.
 "I'll check out your blog."
Recovery Cymru is a self-help and support community for people in or seeking recovery from alcohol and drug problems. They aim to help those who rely on their services with friendship, advice, and the time and space to develop and pursue new interests and hobbies. If you know someone who would benefit from this service, please click the link above. They are currently based in Cardiff, but will soon be opening up in the Vale of Glamorgan, too.