Thursday, 27 September 2012

With love from Sefton Park, Liverpool: A slideshow...


Here's a reply to the beautiful slideshow of images I received from my pal in NZ a couple of months ago...

If you're reading this Charlie, look at how neat I've kept my handwriting!

I hope you like it.

'...with love from Sefton Park'

Dear Charlie...

So nice to hear from you

It looks so sunny by you!

Today, it's sunny here, too!

How are you?

All good, I hope!

Since you left, some things in Liverpool have changed...

For example...

There are now BOATS on Sefton lake!


I know!

*squint for this one

I want one!


...about the bike...

...which I love so dearly...

She has a puncture


I'll fix her soon, though

Did you get that mag, by the way?

Hope so :)

I wrote about your old/my new bike inside it and then posted copies out all around the UK.

Keep in touch

(The owner of these dogs let me pap them because she loves New Zealand and I explained I was sending my photos there)

"Oh, how wonderful!" she said.

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