Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Black Forest, Germany: Exploring, tea-ing, being amazed...

You see this bus?

We cleverly managed to squeeze ourselves onto the back of it.
Hooray for overcrowding (or so we though before we saw the corners the bus had to take to get up into the forest...)
This is us in the Black Forest.

Absolutely breathtaking, right?

Everything is so much BIGGER than us.

'Trees to meet you' everywhere...

Wandering down into an area cordoned off for lumberjacks...

...and stumbling upon a million sideways trees...

'I'm in a sticky situation'
(I want to chalk here vs my mum and brother are fast disappearing into the forest without me)

Time for a tea break, I think!

(Nothing brings my mum to me quickest than the promise of a cup of tea...)
AKA mum being George of the Jungle.

Laughing because a lack of spoons hasn't stopped us getting the teabags out of our tea...
(Yes we used that bit of tree)

Venturing further into the forest full of tea (and probably forest floor off the twig we used previously. Mmm)

We look so TINY.

So tiny that we kind of felt compelled to try and show it in our photos in other ways...

Probably should have got someone taller to chalk David's height onto the tree...


"David, you're supposed to chalk my height while you're smiling for the camera"


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