Monday, 11 July 2011

Tromso, Norway: Documenting TSC 2011

In April, I got to go to Tromso Sound City festival courtesy of Liverpool Sound City here in the UK. The festival ran for two days with conferences in the day and live music at night.

I covered the event for a radio station but in my free time (and when I wasn't larking about in front of the stage and waiting to see some Northern Lights), I documented some of the fun I had, and what I could see from the island.

When the chalk ran out, I used my fingers (swapping concrete for snow). When we got to the top of the mountain, everyone else joined in.

This was us (myself, Dave Haynes, Dick Carruthers, Pete Fowler and Kev McManus) taking a taxi over "the bridge of death", in order to see what lay on the other side of the waters...

Writing on the side of a house

Chalking on the wall between the music festival's venue 'Driv' and the water...

Watching some bands (Miles Kane above) and giving my sticks a break

Dancing with some Norwegian electronic artists who pull shapes we could only dream of, and spreading a love of vandalising through chalk...

Going up in the snow cart (big moment)

Using our fingers to draw the things we love most in the snow. *See note about chalking in snow

Pete loves monsters

I love words

They all love each other

Members of the Tromso Sound City team braving temperatures lower than that of Neptune

Gazing yonder to places far more beautiful (and temporarily cooler)...



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