Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Liverpool, UK: New Yard, New Me! Maybe...


Here I am. Eight months after my last blog post which involved taking a small dog out for a looooong walk.

In July, 2017, the thing that is currently clearing my head is gardening (if planting flowers in tubs counts as gardening, that is... As it involves tiny, roasting hot gloves and a trowel, I'm going to say that yes, it does).

My tiny mum came up to visit me recently, and it was her idea to give our backyard a bit of a makeover. She is obsessed with gardens and demolition projects, and as our garden back in Wales is relatively under control, the sorting of mine was a project that both of us could get stuck into...

We didn't take any photos because we stupidly ploughed through it in the roasting hot sun, ripping out weeds, shoveling up sand and sweeping furiously for over an hour (we needed to work fast to avoid dying right there on the concrete floor. Seriously).

So here are a selection of photos of the finished results (which I literally cannot stop adding to. I think I have a flower-buying problem. And I keep sitting out here on my own, which is probably a weird thing for our neighbours on their trampoline to see every other second...)

Anyway, HERE IT IS. My new garden.

With a few little reminders on how to keep the whole thing alive...

'Helen. Water your plants.'

Me and my boyfriend had an argument in a garden centre car park over that blue one. It wouldn't fit in the car and he kept bending all of the flower faces to get them in...

'GET OFF MY FLOWER FACES', they shouted. But he kept on pushing...

I also had to put some slug pellets down, but I'm hoping they just read my message and move along. I don't want them to eat my flowers but I also don't want them to die...

Aren't they?


Every day is a good day when you eat out here (that is unless next door's cat has also popped in. More on that later...)

*** 1 day later ***

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