Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Our garden is a little overgrown...

For ages, my housemate and I have been ignoring the fact that our garden is becoming a bit of a monster...

We were being all 'Noah Ritter' about it."Everyone say HELLO to the duck on my HEAD!", the small boy shouts, when trying to avoid Sofia Vergara's questions about him possibly having a girlfriend.

When my mum came to stay lately, I had to run to the window in the spare bedroom before she could get there, so that I could show her the duck on MY head. "Don't look down, mum. It's going to make you mad. We don't have the power tools and the garden looks really bad."

It's so bad that chalking an Abelisaurus out there didn't look out of place in the slightest...


(this Abelisaurus is a plant-eating one)

"ARGHUAAAAAAA", screamed the overgrown mess.

Thankfully, the trees won't have to fear the dinosaur for too much longer, because the garden is getting chainsawed to death by our landlord this afternoon. Excellent. Bad news for the Abelisaurus though, who will soon have nothing to chase, and my mum, who really loves carrying out demolition jobs. "I'll come up from Wales and we'll cut it all down and drive it to the tip in the car, yeah?", she said, rubbing her hands together.
I'll post you their reactions next week...


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