Sunday, 2 August 2015

I chalked my hair because I couldn't chalk at the BBC...

I can't believe it's been 4 months since I last felt the urge to chalk...

I blame working for nearly the whole summer for it, and for the fact that it is wholly unacceptable to chalk on a BBC building. Or at the reception party of someone else's wedding/in the new shop that I work in/on my car.

Do you know where it HAS been okay to chalk though?

In my hair.


In my hair...

Look! It's blue and green!

And there's nobody stood waiting to tell me off each time I colour it in! Hoorah!

If only the strands were thick enough for me to leave actually messages on each one...

Today, I would write something about sleeping all day, eating my boyfriend's pizza without him knowing, and how I'm now going to be awake ALL night thinking about it.

(Not because I feel guilty, but because there's only so long you can spend in the land of nod, innit.)

Maybe I'll perk up enough to chalk on something/someone else. My housemate has no hair though (and his girlfriend is staying over tonight), so it kind of rules that one out...


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