Monday, 14 April 2014

Liverpool, UK: Chalking and walking with the (model) dog

My dad posted me a model dog because I said I wanted a pet.

He's cute.

And super adventurous.

(Don't look at me like that. If I am going to be mocked with a model dog for a pet, I'm going to treat it like a REAL one, take photos of it and then send them off to my dad so that he thinks I've completely lost it)

Dogs don't do that.

Get off the bench, you're embarassing me.

Friend of yours?

Hope he comes home soon.

Don't even think about it.

I did say the ducks wouldn't want to swim with you today...

There's no use giving me those eyes.

And no, they don't want to be chased by you either.

That's more like it.

King of the world.

What's that?

That's Sefton Park Palm House.


Can you live there? 

Don't you think you'd get lonely in there? 

Let's go for another walk...

Morning boys!


This day has been great! What next?



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