Thursday, 26 December 2013

Brynna, Wales: Post-Christmas ramblings/ramble

'Post- Christmas shopping chalking'


(Mum threw them in there because I dropped them on the floor when the car door opened and then stood on around ten trying to work out what I had done...)


Be a tree.

(A grape tree. If that is what you like...)

Pick up a stick!

...if pretending to be on a horse with a sword feels like 'branching out' for you...

(Works for some)

I love Brynna mountains

So cleeeeean

Keep on keepin' on

Even when it's windy

And things seem far away

'cause you always get there in the end

and when you do... looks even better at the top for all the effort you made.

'I used to be a church'

Now I'm a place where people come to peer and walk and take photos...


Boxing Day, 2013


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