Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Maida Vale Studios, London: There are about 10 different reasons why this blog post shouldn't exist.

Chalking in Maida Vale Studios in London is no small feat.

In fact, it probably breaks a law written somewhere about ruining old, amazing music places builts decades before you were born.

So, forgive me that I have waited a while before posting about my trip to the prestigious studios, which took place a little earlier in February...

And that my chalked messages are quite short (I didn't want to get picked up by the collar of my dress and thrown out. You can understand?)


This is Maida Vale Studios on Delaware Road in London.

It doesn't look too exciting from the outside, but it's home to seven BBC studios and, since 1946, has been used to record thousands of popular music, classical music and drama sessions for BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4 and BBC 6Music.

It's also home to thousands of unnecessarily long corridors which have no landmarks to help you find your way.

The solution? To pretend you stopped to take photos of the old photos on the wall. And to stare at them afterwards like you remember being there, and how great it was at the time...

I went to Maida Vale to work on a show that would be broadcast live from the building as part of a special celebration of BBC 6 Music...

For no less than The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show!

(Craig Charles when he's not lying on a studio desk next to a message I've just chalked/not in Coronation Street/not in Red Dwarf)

Everything is so SNAZZY

Well, sort of....


(I touch it some more after I have chalked to pick up some celebrity DNA on my fingertips)

Who knows what's inside...

I like to think it's someone mega famous' drums or something...

Heading back to the studio to avoid looking suspicious...

...to find nobody is here and that I can chalk on a speaker without getting caught!



Where is everyone though?



Alice Russell who was in here just half an hour ago...

...and James Hunter who was our guest just before that...

Are now singing and dancing right here.



And listen.

(They were amazing)


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