Saturday, 14 July 2012

With love from Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

Hello you guys!

You guys? Did I just type that?

Yes, I did.

Nevermind. Shall I tell you a story?

Okay then. Put that book down and stop pulling you sister's hair through the gap in the headrest.


Right then.

I was sat on my bed on Monday (it gets better, don't worry), and I was just kind of pondering what I was going to do with my day/my/week/the next 12 months, when suddenly an e-mail popped into my inbox.

And it was ace.

Do you know who it was from?

No, of course you don't.

But you might be able to guess if you've been following this blog/me for a while now.

It was from my buddy Charlie Mallard who moved to New Zealand two years ago. She inspired me to start this blog. And she's also reinspired me to get going on it again, all the way from Franz Josef Glacier in NZ!

Want to see how she managed that? Yeah?

Well, I'll post some of the photos she sent me, and then I'll follow this with some brand new posts from Germany (that's where I'll be for the next seven days!), and a sneaky post from my friend who's staying on a farm in Italy somewhere.


Now you can all chalk again.

Did I write chalk?

I meant talk.


P.S. If something like this farm house in Italy ISN'T covered in chalk in my next few blog posts, I will be more than disappointed... 
Horses included.

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