Wednesday, 18 April 2012

London, UK: Documenting ming birds and free tea

Recognise that post box?

Yep! I'm back in London

And there's a FAIR going on!

Yeah! A FAIR at Finsbury Park, North London


That's cool with five 'o's, by the way

Sure, there doesn't look to be anything exciting going on right NOW, like.
 But SOON!

Soon that horrible bird will have flown away and the park will be full of carnival stuff.


That horrible, big, fat bird is making me scared to get close to take a photo.

Distracted from the bird by some cheap sweets outside the train station.

(They weren't just on the floor, I went to a shop and paid for them)

And some free tea being served up at the Southbank Centre...

(Easily distracted)

Nobody said I couldn't chalk on my exhibition leaflet!

'So cool'

(Everything's cool today)

Nobody said I couldn't take a photo of the David Shrigley/Jeremy Deller exhibition from my fake cafe seat, either...

It was wicked, like.

You should go.

'I love David Shrigley'

...and I love Jeremy Deller, too, but my camera died...


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